ITIL V3 Certification – Will It Be Worthy To Opt For This Certification Program?

Candidates, aspiring for the ITIL V3 Foundation Certification, can easily qualify the certification examination through self-study. However, earning this credential can turn a bit trickier. The intermediate level of this certification program has got 2 streams, both of which evaluates the candidate’s analytical and application ability of the fundamentals of ITIL. Candidates are free to choose the units from either of these streams for gaining credits that are necessary for advancing towards the Expert Level.

This credit-oriented approach is something new to ITIL V3 and it sets a drastic transformation of the norms, observed in the previous version of the certification test. The 2 streams of the ITIL V3 program are intermediate Lifestyle and the Intermidiate Capability.

The stream of Service Lifecycle

The literature of ITIL includes arrays of IT service management concepts that you are hardly going to attempt. If you are aspiring to explore these fundamentals in detail, you should register for the classes with an accredited Training provider.

This stream of the ITIL certificate program includes 5 certification programs:

  • Strategy
  • Design
  • Transition
  • Operational approaches
  • Continuous improvement

Following are the core commonalities of the certificate programs:

  • The certification of ITIL V3 Foundation is the common prerequisite.
  • You need to undergo 21-hour training for all these modules.
  • You get awarded with 3 credit hours in the expert-level certification program.

Service Capability Module

 This stream includes the following programs of certification:

  • Operational Support & Analytics
  • Service Agreements & Offering
  • Release, Validation, and control
  • Protection, Planning and Optimization

The courses in this stream share the same features of the Service Lifecycle courses, however, with the exceptions that stream of the Service Capability mandates 30-hours training for each course and offers 4 credits each for the Expert Title.

An overview of the Credit System

Numerical Credit Value has been assigned to each stream for the V3 certification program. You may accumulate the credit values for each level for achieving the minimum score of 22 to earn the expert level certification of ITIL.

As for the V2 credential, it was targeted for the professional with practitioner level expertise and skill. These days, it is possible to earn the title of a Specialist on ITIL V3 Lifecycle, if you are planning to terminate at the level of the intermediate. As a matter of fact, the foundation examination for ITL V3 carries 2 Credit points.

It is possible to attain the ITIL V3 certification through self-Study. Alternatively, if you feel like, you can certainly approach the accredited training institutes for guidance to crack the examination test. One thing for sure, once you achieve the certification, you get into position, wherein enticing career potentials will start coming your way. With even the medium and small organizations embracing this technology, ITIL certified professionals definitely stand worthy career prospects. Thus, it will be definitely a wise move to opt for this certification program that will uphold your professional competence, skill and ability with more credibility.

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